Fibromyalgia: what symptoms and treatment?

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Some forms of rheumatism take not so much your joints or bones but your muscles and connective tissue. This is called Fibromyalgia: a painful condition that can sour your life.

In addition to the pain that people with fibromyalgia often report they have sleep problems, fatigued and suffer from mood swings.Unfortunately, the cause of this particular form of rheumatism still not found.

Genesis Fibromyalgia

There are a number of theories about the possible ways that Fibromyalgia may arise. For none of these statements is, however, already found conclusive evidence. According to some scientists is the cause of fibromyalgia to look for when a bad communication between the brain and the muscles that control them. Other research points out, however, that Fibromyalgia is the result of the earlier unable to properly selecting stimuli from the outside world or it's not good can process of painful stimuli. In the future there will be no doubt much research in order to identify the right cause fibromyalgia.


Complaints Fibromyalgia

Many symptoms associated with fibromyalgia go: pain is the most common complaint; but also have less strength in the muscles, stiffness, difficult to fall asleep and mood symptoms (a changing mood) are common complaints. And for some patients it remains not one of them. Some of the people with fibromyalgia also complains about tingling in the arms or legs, burning-feeling skin, legs or arms that are very intense, headaches, stomach pain and even memory loss!

As with other forms of rheumatism climate seems to have an influence on the number and type of complaints. As it turns out that in cold and damp weather more people exhibit symptoms of fibromyalgia. Further falls on that many people exhibit fewer symptoms during holiday periods. Doctors believe that to explain this is because people in that period more relax.

Diagnosis and treatment Fibromyalgia

A doctor has not always easy to make a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. The complaints are very diverse and are also common in other diseases and disorders. Sometimes doctors will examine additional proposals before their patients to give a definitive diagnosis.

An important research is testing the so-called "tender points." This will a doctor with his or her fingers on different spots on the body of the patient push. If the patient feels a lot of pain in a certain place will be referred to this place as ' tender point '. Some people with fibromyalgia have up to 18 tender points! If someone has this type of tender points is different from this for the doctor a clear indication that the patient in question probably suffers from fibromyalgia.

If anyone can cure Fibromyalgia depends on person to person. There are no medications that can help with the healing. Would you like to reduce the complaints around Fibromyalgia? Then a doctor can prescribe you pain relievers: acetaminophen, codeine or tramadol for example. Can also be prescribed sleeping pills to help with sleep problems. With physical therapy and the appropriate physical exercises can also control the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Do you suffer from this condition? Then you may certainly never lose hope. In many patients with fibromyalgia reduce the complaints over time all they disappear than never at all.

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