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Full moon and poor sleep – 6 HSP tips what you can do against it

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Suddenly inexplicably angry, sad or afraid ...Maybe you sleep irregularly. High-sensitive people are (UN) consciously extra open to incentives. This enables ' tangible ' incentives, such as sound or light where you pleased or annoyed by touches, but also less tangible incentives for some people, such as the stand and radiation of planets which (unconscious) affect your mood.


Once a month is a full moon. Some HSP experienced here for sharing, such as that they have extra energy. Others are then sometimes extra irritable, are tossing and can't sleep during the day and are tired. Fortunately, you can here what do about it.


On earth we can experience duality, this can be seen in the yin-yang symbol. So we take black where, because we can see also white and visa versa. On Earth, we can also experience masculine and feminine energy. What exactly this is, is strongly culturally colored. Below I'm going for the convenience of a ' Western ' vision on these energies.

Yin energy

Yin energy consists of relatively many female energy, which especially is connected to the Moon (compared to the Sun). Also other stars and planets, such as venus resonate with this female energy. In the yin-yang symbol is yin black pictured. It resonates with the energy of the night. So you can generally better Yin Yoga exercises to do before you go to sleep, instead of Yang (power) yoga.

Yang energy

Yang energy consists of relatively many male energy, that especially resonates with the energy of the Sun (compared to the Moon). Other stars and planets, such as mars also resonate with this energy. In the yin-yang symbol is this white shown. It resonates with the energy of day and movement. You can for example Yang Yoga exercises to do after you are risen, to experience additional energy.

The Moon

The position of the Sun and the Moon and other planets and stars influence the interaction between these male and female energies that we can experience on Earth.

Moon cycle

1 moon cycle (the time it takes the moon to make 1 round earth) takes over 29 days. The ' female ' Moon makes reflected in that process the light of the ' male ' Sun. This is referred to as different energies. The balance between masculine and feminine energy is among other things as a result on Earth ever anything else.

There are 2 periods can be distinguished in this process;

The period of the waxing moon. This period lasts approximately 14.5 days.
Feel the energy of the waxing Moon does to you. There is a relatively large ' male ' creation in this period energy Central. This is generally a good period to create and ideas.
The period of the waning moon. This period lasts approximately 14.5 days. There is a relatively large ' female ' reflection energy Central. This is a good period to be quite conscious to listen to your intuition and to let go of things.

Phase of the Moon

In the period of the waxing Moon in accounting policy these 5 moon phases (also called Moon phases, or phases of the Moon) to recognize;

New Moon (also known as dark Moon called, because that often is invisible). This is a good time to seed, such as by paying attention to your new ideas for your work, relationship and/or health.
Waxing Crescent Moon.
First quarter. This is a good time to express your ideas and creativity.
Waxing moon.
Full moon. The Sun and the moon are exactly opposite each other. It is a period where you can obtain insight in what you have created and want to create. Some people feel around full moon an extra strong sexual energy.

In addition to the period of the waning Moon the full moon phase also in accounting policy to recognize these 3 lunar phases;

Waning Moon. You can stuff in this time shutdown properly and let go and make room for some news.
Last quarter.
Waning Crescent Moon (this is after this phase also called Balsamic moon are named in his honour).


The moon has a relationship with the Earth, even a relationship with stars and other planets. This allows for example every full moon or new moon just something else to feel and attached to a different theme. In addition, the energy for example also feel differently during a lunar eclipse. The differences in energy can be a few days before to see that these positions actually are, often by HSP-ers (unconscious) also to feel his.

Water and the relationship with emotions

Especially the energy of the Moon affected the water on Earth, in for example seas. So there's ebb and flow. Your body is about 70% water. Energetic point of view, the element of water especially connected to emotions. In addition, the Moon too (unknowingly) affect our body and mind.
Full moon influence

At full moon is the energy of the Moon extra active and present. This has advantages, such as:

A lot of energy experienced (during the day but also at night).
You feel strong and powerful.
Very bright after may think.
Have a strong urge to create things.

If you're not yet mastered them you can also disadvantages experienced by the full moon energy;

Some HSP have so much energy that they are difficult to sleep may come and long tossing, or can't sleep (and are therefore extra tired during the day). The speck of dust melatonin can related to.
Experience the beauty, or go some HSP dreams sleepwalking.
Some HSP are more irritable and have faster charge of emotions such as anger, fear or sadness.

Collective consciousness

During full moon you can (unconsciously) extra open to energies from the collective (UN) consciousness. You can, for example, suffer from unexplained emotions that emotions are of humanity as a whole.

Full moon menstruation

There are several visions about what exactly the best time is to be had in relation to the moon. Every body and every HSP is unique; what one is working properly, there's no need for another not to work. Thus, your own energy and the energies with which you were born (such as how the Moon at that time) also affects your qualities and how to setup the Moon reacts.

From Ayurveda (an old health education from India) you better not have my period during the full moon period. The Moon attracts water, which can lead to an extra heavy menstruation and relatively much energy loss, that will make you can feel weakened. In order to stay vital you can ovulate according to Ayurveda the best at full moon and at new moon be indisposed.

HSP tips against poor sleep at full moon

1. do you experience the bright light of the full moon? Use blackout curtains or shutters.

2. be working during the day as the full moon is.

For example, literally, go hiking, do yoga move, or what in the garden.
Do some creative! Also if you feel you have not ' good enough ' can; Let the urge for some ' beautiful ' to put down los.

(I recommend you generally so to ' yang ' energy during the day to flow so you're wide awake tossing and turning at night, and during this period/goes not to hang during the day to ' bank ' (which is connected to yin energy)

3. feel out what the rhythm of the Moon is and how this can work in your favor. In the period of the waxing Moon in the period, for example, create, and aware of what of the waning Moon more reflect and evaluate.

Biodynamic sowing companies often as the Moon ' good ' State. During waxing Moon is best sown/planted everything be what grows above the ground, and other plants (such as potatoes, onions and carrots) should be done in the ground at Waning Moon. You can also apply during gardening.

4. In the light of the Moon you can things (like gems) ' charging '. For example, a glass or glass jug water in the Moonlight, this can within (for example on the window sill) or outside, make sure that there are so many possible Moonlight on the glass or the can may seem. Feel what it does to you if you drink this water (during the day).

5. in order to maintain the most energy, it is helpful to know when your period is what moon phase. Write down the date on which, for example, half a year once your period is, and after during which moon phase this was. You can affect your cycle, with for example, specific yoga exercises, breathing exercises, food and herbs. In a bloom session can I tell more about it.

6. continue to learn By yourself, do you stop you (unknowingly) is derived and is ' carried along ' by energies from outside such as of the moon. in your Facebook News feed?


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