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Column Monique: I do not to save the world, but myself! A beautiful awareness..

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At the moment I look outside, I see the gray, threatening sky. I realize how strong is my own power and therefore just on the bicycle to the hospital for my day case. I confidently step on my bike I realize I'm a bit on the late side, 8: 45 a.m., but yes what is time?The caps I stop in my ears and put the music to. The ride can begin..


Immediately I notice that my famous smile appears. The air is cold, but I have it hot. I fly through the streets, over bumps and potholes. Many roads are broken up, but it doesn't bother me nothing. I laugh at the playful dogs and greeted the ducks in the grass. This is my day!

At the time I the oldest city of the Netherlands, guests, I am strong faced with the cranky man, what about the streets blowing the dirt. Exhaust gases and hasty motorists. What a world I still think. As I look at it..Colorless streets with a few flowering shrubs. The smell of poverty is to smell, to feel the heavy energy. I feel the choice to let myself to suck, but become startled by the following cheerful song in my ears begins to vibrate.

And all of a sudden I have the! I see the society crumble, mother earth that her rights back picks, we have after all her enough exploited. Humanity which loses its standards and values, the crime that only further increases. People with mental health problems searching hopelessly for a solution.


And I so well. I, who always but thought I could save the world and let me stop there by nothing or none of.

It is clear to me that I can not save the world with its inhabitants. I've talked a lot and with many other conscious people tried. But often we spoke against walls. It took from me more energy than it gave me. And it did not come to..I was sad and cried often.. "But do you see that or not? "

I laugh even against a complete stranger woman and tell her good morning. I can only show that they do not have to feel hopeless, by itself also not to be.

I'm not lonely and also do not be afraid, that's all in our heads. But Thankful I am, again! Grateful for the help that many miracles, large and small.

And believe me, it works! When I jump in my energy is good, spontaneous all traffic lights for me on green! I still feel just the last spot in the bike shed..

Meezingend do I put my bike lock and look what time it is ...With full surprise I see that I originally 45 min ride, now in 20 (!) min did!...Am I traveled through time? I am pushed by high frequencies?

I fly almost literally climb the stairs of the hospital. Laugh everyone a good morning and enjoy the first cup of coffee.

The energy remains palpable high that it appears subsequently to the fact I have to note, the thermometer of battle bring (I had it warm and the thing gives degree to 35.5..) and later skips my infusion alarm, many times for no reason.

I grin. Especially when I think back to the times I lamps blew up, or my own cupboard. The alarm systems in the stores or the beeper system at my work. Nothing to me is crazy.

Treating progressing well. The energy remains on level, making all the strength I still have to run errands. Leisurely I walk by the store, the negative energy is palpable, but it doesn't bother me. I keep to myself.

When I decide to go to checkout, overwhelms me a "feeling, a know"...I do have a purse with me? Right away I knew the answer already, but check out of habit you anyhow my bag. Nothing of course! I grin, feel protected and helped again. Just like all the times I can see double digits for years, 333. Of the week 2 x all 555. And when I asked for the heck of it, "now the 4", recommend you the al.The next day I had to pay an amount of 14.44! Then I feel so heard, loved and protected! It is so true! We are also there for you and who helped field..It's all good! Thanks dear helpers.For me the angels and our mother, my guides and all the others from the world of Light & love.

I am grateful for all the help, all the presents. But they also want to see, I must open and there for me not be guided by all the misery around me. I can look into it, then let go from trust. And so trying to keep my own energy high. A frequency which gives me the feeling that I'm flying! And when that is also confirmed in time, then it is clear to me. It just works! in your Facebook News feed?



Source: Monique Dusault

Column Monique: I do not to save the world, but myself! A beautiful awareness.. - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

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