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column Monique: it's time to come home

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A big resistance in the outside world makes sure I am thrown back into my world. Afterwards I say to you, thank you. It's not important what you from me to you. What is important, is that I feel at home and safe.Where I can be myself and should develop..

Lonely I feel..lonely in my Are. Lonely is life.Why did I get here? What use does it have? Is always there but talked about a task ...
Why did I get here in this darkness, that few to no one understands how I feel. A youth one says ... fought against the death several times. Why? that's gotta be a reason? Why myself always different and misunderstood feel? When I say seem to come from another planet, and I become crazy explained. Why are there so few people who understand me? Sure there are more people who call themselves HSPer, or even use the term, lightworker.But also is substantially below this mass is a big difference. I stand here now really alone in? The people posing as gelijkenen are there less and less. There are in fact so little real loving souls here on Earth? Why? And why I am here? Neat idea though, for example, may be. But how knok I by a heavy negative crowd, which just seems to grow?

Why I feel different every day now anyway? Or am I now just someone who really do not understand here? My world looks so different.


How to survive here?

I can write about it, will define it for you, try letting you feel, but you'll be allowed to feel and experience it yourself. That I can not do for you. Give it a try, if you like. Would you not then that's fine too. That is a choice that you make, but let it be out there than in and accept your decision. Have no grudge or judgment.
If you do not feel or understand me then that's all good. Then go looking for your reason to exist. That I can not do for you.

We all want a world without war. But you also see that the same small war begins? Small in the sense of jealousy to your fellow man, the greed that still prevails. Exploitation and control. Not only the political bite are fixed, but also the ordinary person. Just look around you or maybe to yourself.
Yes, I also make these situations with it, like no other. Situations that another bad would call.In which I change my mind that I could do or say things differently. Then I say, here I learn of, here may I look at it.. I'm as human beings come here to practice. To experience or my image on human being together here will succeed and in what way.

I call it teachable moments, how heavy they are. If I call in the other are heavy energy, I am doing so much damage to myself. A damage that even more scratches on my soul signs. A damage that makes me even sicker.
I wonder if I want and if I'm worth? What am I now advanced? Life in the world is getting heavier and heavier, the pressure reigns supreme.

Therefore I give myself a gift..I'm going to study to..Go back to the basics, the base aren't you!
Only there can I be myself and I become Lovingly received. Finally I begin to understand what they mean by keeping yourself. This involves much more than always but is kept in mind. I'm going to look and discover who I am. The energy that I have always given away was unfortunately to no avail. That too is a revelation. Now I may start again. I feel grateful.

I take more and more quietly bid farewell to the outside world. I return to where I myself care with open arms. I am at home. in your Facebook News feed?



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Source: Love-4-life



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