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Column Monique: Gratitude..My greatest gift on Earth

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The streets are dark and wet when I go home by bike. I have done some shopping soon for 5 december. It is cold and rains.The residents here on earth pressure, they talk and walk fast. They are restless and quickly irritated.

The girl at the register wishes me a nice evening. I smile at her and wish her the same. I know that work out. Very briefly, I remember a court with full hands from earlier. My mother baked the Bacon strips out with a few fried eggs..In the pilot I thought white bread for I the shop in step. While I make a chat and I surprised the fast step darkness I step on my bike. I should be careful to do, because in my bag are my companions.. Two cute little stone Angels children were waiting for me. I laugh at them and think..What sweet, I get another gift. I decide to give them a warm all others..

Gently I drive by the rain but it doesn't bother me fact, I go getting slower cycling. I look around me and I look up..
I mirror myself in the stars, they click me here like they say hello. All is well, you're safe!
As I'm off of this planet..What makes me feel at home!

My cold hands hands get me back to this planet.
I realize I aliciakilner not at home, but have been able to remember, the "home" feeling in my heart..
I can cry, it's raining still, there is no one who sees it..
But instead of crying, witch I my most beautiful smile. I feel surprised and large. It's like I can see the world through different eyes.

An intense calm and extraordinary Love overwhelms me.What is this pretty..I could feel this but share and to anyone who want..
Though it's dark, cold and wet..falls over me a warm blanket that makes me so happy, that I feel an intense gratitude coming on..

-Grateful..for the silence that makes way for that noise in my head.
-Grateful.. for love, which warms my heart again.
-Grateful.. for the heat when my little house safe and pleasant.
-Grateful.. for my 2 beautiful star children. They feed me and I feed them..
-Grateful.. I speak to my angels, I feel safe and protected.
-Grateful.. for their patience and nudges in the right direction.
-Grateful.. for my patient intuition. Finally I'm going to listen.
-Grateful.. that I can enjoy life.
-Grateful.. When I realize that life, all Lucky displays at any time.
-Grateful.. Onvoorwaardeijke for the love that my 2 cats give me.
-Grateful.. for my 3rd cat, who was always there for me, and now from another dimension still watches over me.
-Grateful.. for the colors and scents of nature. It tickles my fancy. Do dreams almost become reality
-Grateful.. for the elements, mother nature. That it feeds me and warms. Without her I don't exist.
-Grateful..for the wonderful sounds here on earth what together a great music game is.
-Grateful.. to be allowed to realize what "life" is.
-Grateful.. for the many difficult levenlessen.
-Grateful.. for my pains, diseases and social difficulties; that forced me to a halt.
-Grateful.. that new doors opened up.
-Grateful.. When I realize that everything's okay.
-Grateful.. When I realize that I'm "different" than the norm..
-Grateful.. When I realize that another being may experience here on Earth.
-Grateful.. that I feel people may what love is.
-Grateful.. When I can tell that there is a better world and that they too can create here.
-Grateful.. for all the conscious people, together we make the difference..
-Grateful.. I realize that this is a State of "being" is without fear. Fear is available in my head.
-Grateful.. for the less positive residents. They help me to remember the love in myself again! Thank you so much!
-Grateful.. When I realize that small things great happiness arises!
-Grateful.. that I may be a link between core and universe. the infinite, just look around you, then feel what I mean. Life is wonderful.

Grateful I am, when I realize, gratitude to experience.

That feels again as a present. Which I can only say..Thank you very much in your Facebook News feed?



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