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Column Monique: New time parents wanted..

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Why is it that my new-child is expressing at the time of going to bed. My child feels safe and warm. Just ask for an extra hug.Gagan we what and I stop hair even more far.

I feel like new-mother a slight hesitation and feel that what is to come. I wait, also tired of the hustle and bustle of all day, but something tells me to wait.
We chat and after a minute or 5 starts they slowly on the subject which is actually quite a bit like a red thread through our day runs.
The Circle of Life ...What is birth and what is death? By chance are there babies and kittens born in our environment and on tv.
Which brings us to The meaning of Life ...

Who are We, and why are we here?
I feel my heart opening and wants to tell her so much. It comes as saying. My words turn into a waterfall of explanation.Which they her conclusions and consider that if I if I had not existed, with whom she had wanted to be born then..She chooses her favorite mother and loving father. A little giebelend she admits that they then at a well-known Christian grounded woman would want to come. I see her as a beauty of an enlightened woman. I don't get why they choose her. Which I her explanation that the flow of religion doesn't matter. Everything is OK, as long as it's from Light & Love happened. I would entrust with my daughter all the love to this woman.
The father..Here she comes with effort out of. She chooses her loving Grandpa, difficult for themselves, but with a heart of gold.
I feel I'm getting hit in my emotion. Why does she not her current father?

I see how she struggles with her emotions. I feel that they are walking around her feelings. She is, after all, what larger and show emotions is always been difficult for her. I ask her if she can tell what they now feel. And whether they want to simply fail. She doubts, but finds it good.
Hard can they describe what they feel. When I give her help and examples.
At that time I become aware me again, how difficult language for our kind of people. How you describe exactly what you from your deepest Are feel?
Thankfully we also strongly telepathically linked, that makes it a lot easier.

I caress her through her hair and tell her that everything is okay. We are the same, understood and misunderstood in this world. Confused, but loving. Looking for an explanation of ourselves. She knows why I us new-people call and explain to her after her question again why we here we are here.

At the end of the day with what tears redeeming note.. "MOM, if you are no longer here, (the word they used death rather not, and I feel that they are right there, death is not) then I go at 1 of the 2 grannies live and not with MOM! Which a hefty sigh follows.
Again I get emotional. Here she gets me. Is this a tear of sadness or of pride? My girl what word you do great.If I ask her for explanations, some emotional stories come loose.
Sharing with new children, another woman next to your father, new rules. But above all, I feel that she has not yet found its place. No safety and no recognition to who she is. My child to show that we can all sleep well to her personality. My new-child who tossed for lasting of the old oppressive mentality of her father, the loving and warm veililgheid of her mother.
I hug her again, to which she emotionally says ... "please not yet dead dad, please look good with crossing."

I feel I'm on a deeper layer word addressed! Don't just take my responsibility as a mother. But also on my task as new-mother and-/pediatric!
This morning I've been told by my psychologist, that life brings me so little. With no more for eyes in this society, then the experience of being sick.

But the society changed that everyone sees, if not then they feel, deep inside. All new-mothers and fathers shows you! Our children need us!
And many more to come. They are ready to be sold, with large numbers. We must receive them!
"Come on dear, wonderful children". Time goes times, we need you!
I am there for you, like a mother. Come and get what you required.I will tell you and bring with you to the time of peace, wholeness, understanding, Light, love, colors and all Loving beings of light. Do not be fooled into thinking that you are different. You are a wonderful Full creature from a beautiful dimension that want to share his/her experiences.
D but down dear ones..I catch you!


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