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Column Monique: Friendship ... A part from the new world?

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Who doesn't know it? The illusion of friendship..You share weal and woe with each other..sometimes for years and then all of a sudden splash the friendship like a soap bubble apart..Just like that, all of a sudden. Where is the trust?Where is the heat between them? What happened?

I am indeed of the opinion that people come and go in our lives for a reason..Sometimes in order to experience Love, to be a lesson to learn from, to be reflected. But how can you here now of learning without you are aware? There may be many friendships, but also food and go over it..I recognize the people that say.. "This happens to me every time now, what am I doing wrong? " Do you recognize the term, "friend and good knowledge."? Cabins places so.Why isn't everyone equally?But..If we would accept and unconditionally Love each other ... without judgment the other let live..What lesson is there? Or is that correct the lesson? Why do I need overdelen about you? You live your life the way you want and thinks to do well. No judgment, no opinion meant, right? And if you know me than ask for help? Should I then give what you ask of me? I have no opinion.. There is my bottleneck..I had to keep Myself also?Choose for myself means well..Take me away, when the other damage brings? Or I leave the other me damage and, therefore, I must accept his/her personality?

What is friendship really mean?

Actually it is very simple people..I accept you and you accept me. From Full love and without judgment ...Nothing more, nothing less.. Yes, hard is it though..I fall also daily about the well-known stumbling blocks ... But from the heart "thinking" will enrich your life..try to practice with it.. Do you love me, then that's fantastic! Don't you like me, for any reason, then that's fine too. Because I love you and will accept you, for who you are. I have problems with it then that is my lesson, my mirror..

Maybe we can play each other's mirrorIf you want..From Love. We make it a distortion mirror of..Because life is so wonderful dear people..It is a beautiful game when we play together..To laugh anyway..If we actually by the mesh, illussie..You too can that..just look good. I see you laugh, is that right?

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