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Column Monique: Open up your heart and connect: the new time has come!

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From 12-12-12 is the old time and the new ones! The Kundalini and the heart chakra is activated! Also at the unconscious man has this happened, or happening now. And you could be there an important link in are.! If you want.Come forward, now we have you and you needed!!!!


The time where we have been waiting for and where so fervently to desire has come...Time for action!
Okay, maybe you have not experienced and are you even still disappointed! What did you expect? What did you want to see?
Maybe you think about it after all spiritual matters to stop ...Now please don't hang your head..We can reach the loving world itself. It's so simple..I'll show you a simple trick that I own feeling and have activated. You can also ... do you, it is that easy!

I will tell you that I also have a little bit in a weak period sat...I also had to great expectations perhaps.
And while I know that my awareness can come only from Myself..not looking outside of myself. No inside!
Maybe that sounds too easy, but if you love does not ervaard, how do you recognize the inside than outside yourself? How does it feel then?

I decide "to let go", too bad but I will have to, or I like it or not.
But still I felt something ... deep inside. Something in me called me ...

We decide but a movie to watch. Anything but down..It is good..
To 23.45 falls the tv off..only the tv, internet and telephone and lights do it still. Hmm strange.
I decide to go out without hesitation to "just what to look for." Or was I called?

Because Yes..I see light streaks in the sky. Flashes of light, not those little ones that I once saw, but larger and bright. It was as if we constantly went on the picture.
A magnificent golden horizontal stripe between two houses by.. The only sound in the garden was aah's our Ooh's and..

Pink clouds..dark, but also white surfaces that beyond advanced. I could look through the clouds.There was one and all light! (but it was almost night..?)
Several people have we called..We were looking for confirmation and felt that we had to inform people! There was en is indeed what's going on. Just look people!!
No no Ufo..but energetic there is a switching busy! The new era has begun!
Maybe you felt some of it? Several people gave confirmation. People who could not sleep and looked out. And have seen what we saw!
What a experiences!! Wow...It is there now!! Just very different than I had imagined.
But what can I actually suggest? We are so small in this great universe.
And this is the flaw...Man has expectations.We think reason everything and come up with...
In the head..Is my ego me yet in the way?

Thank you very much ...that's a revelation ...Maybe this was a lesson for all of us..No expectations, even though you say that not to have had. And do you still feel disappointed somewhere deep within a recognized.
Why are we looking for the happiness and hopes still outside ourselves??
Everything starts with you..inside.
Yes, it can be confrontational, to look inside, I know. But there is your heart, your feeling. Thus we reach a new world with loving beings.
That is not accessible by 1 finger cut..that would be really easy right?! We do not need to do anything themselves yet..(ego?).
No that's hard work. Work on yourself and set an example to the rest and not yet conscious man. Continuous again. On a daily basis.
But dear people, you get so much in return! Insights, satisfaction, happiness and especially love.
The new world is made so. Insert the people but in with your love. Because a every man has it!

The next day I literally and radiate this. There was going to be a world for me open!

Imagine a very busy Centre for Christmas with people who suffer from stress.
A Christmas choir shares her Love through song. There remain what people are listening and so did I. I am touched by the beautiful sounds and word emotionee. What is love yet simple.
And what are we as humanity yet beautifully with each other! The new world is possible dear people! That we have reached earlier, that we can again!!!! You realize that!

I get an inspiration..
Open your heart Open your heart chakra Monique, wide as you can and Radius here you love and light. You can, it's easy! Go with all your attention to your heart chakra and fireplace.
I get heart palpitations and all my chest gets hot. I leave there a powerful broad beam of love and light from Genesis. In the colors where I so much love. Very soft pink with shimmer.. What a love..
I stand in the middle of the path still and everyone is running around me. I realize total not that I might be in the way STA.

I shoot from my feeling and the fear oppressed me all of a sudden.How do I reach all these people piece by piece? Ibarra?
So much to give, but how to reach everyone?
My ray of Love do I make the space bigger and realize I have lit and fulfill with love.
Until I got the following insight..

How easy it can be..My heart radiates her love and light..the people walking past me. Walk around constantly by the Jet. Back and forth back as it should be.
Every heart word touched, though it is a but a speldeknopje.
Everyone gets a little touch in his or her heart. You realize that when the connection is established, the love further her work does.

I notice that the space is fulfilled and the people got lit! The new world is born!

I pack my bags on and decides to go home.
While I bike through the rain I feel delicious. Loved and Lit! Banging my heart chakra out of my body!
My entire body glows! It works!!

evening I make the hartsverbinding during an energy exchange remotely. I try again, I wanted to know if they could experience. Or was it really so?
Which I get a message saying..I felt a connection of heart to heart! What evidence do I need? It works!

Thereupon I decide through many paths a call for every human being to do.

People love open aware your heart and shine your light and love. See for you how to touch the other and connect from light and love.
So we reach everyone..It's so easy, practice it once. You will see that it works!!

The new world is there ...I go for it along with you!

Many hearts Love from me.
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