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Column Monique: Would you like to discover the new world?

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It is beautiful saying..You can not see the light, when you do not know the dark.I experienced many years saw and negativity. And yet I kept cheerful and positive. Itself so lovingly that I started noticing that people were jealous. I slowly began to break up their negativity.


I am sick of become, literally.. And yet.

If you are here as an Angel on Earth have you only love, light and patience at your disposal. At Least..though in my case.
Often the people appoint me so.I find that very common properties. But what if the negativity will be playing tricks on me? I let too much come in?
I too am Loving? Too patient?
Is my love so powerful that I joined another aggressiveness may arouse?
I want you to smell, let your life the most beautiful energies show and the most beautiful sounds heard. But why you screen for af?
Does my Love your very? Sorry, but my light will not deaf and my heart not less bright rays.
But on 1 way or the other, I feel that I can show and also protect myself not enough.
I do however, something is not quite right. I understand the longer the less of this planet. But it makes me always more miserable for the time being.

Because how do I deal with this negative planet?
Where people slow to realize what they are doing. If it's just by the crisis.
Where people slowly to see what they do with mother earth..
Where people do not understand who I am and what Loving language I speak.
Where people think I'm crazy because I also want a better world for you and not just for myself.
Where most people keep it at sweet talk, but not to take action.

Why do I get the advice, this society but to have to accept it? Nothing should change then?
Should we let our humanity extinction anyway, just like the animals?
Where are all the so called Lightworkers remained after 21-12-12..?
We can all proclaim. sweet talk.Fortunately, everyone loves me, I see on the internet..
Could you give me also can forgive my mistakes, or am I than with one click on the button removed? Because you know ... I also make mistakes. And I know that is because I do not understand.
I try to make it to anyone, and yes even at the expense of myself as well.
Should I stop that? Or can you just accept me for who I am and how I want to live.

I may have the solution, for myself than..
Have been the time vd sweet talk......IT'S TIME FOR ACTION..
I'll show you how it should and can be.No no fantasy.. As it used to be, or has been, what you want ...
I will show you love and a world or tell it like it is or can be.
Would you like me are crazy? Start but..because there will be a world for you open..


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Column Monique: Would you like to discover the new world? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

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