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Column Gert Brouwer: negative energy

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What is it and how does it develop actually! Voodoo, black magic, witchcraft, all ways to attract negative energy towards you. There is also a House, garden and kitchen way to do something about it.Negative thoughts in your head, it's normal. Everyone has it ever. Are you unstable by fatigue?Are you sleeping bad? You have stress of your job or arguing with your partner?

Column Gert Brouwer: negative energy

All factors which can be unstable. At such a moment you can be seized by the unexplained paranormal world. Our sensors are then weakened and we are less observant (a time when negativity easy barrel gets).

So I know a man from the United States. I call him Gary to protect his privacy. Gary was very interested in the supernatural. In short I tell his story. Gary's father was a building contractor and bought houses to restore. His father bought a House on an Indian grave. When growing they came against skeleton parts. Gary felt that this may be sacrilege could be and they buried the skeleton parts again soon.

A while later he bought out of curiosity a book about witchcraft. He did a seance with the goal one of the deceased spirits of the Indians to evoke grave. There was no response to his seance.

But there were unexplained things happen. Such as door knobs that were beweegden, stuff moved and sounds that belonged not in the House. These events so that he terrorized Gary dared to come outside. It went through his fear getting worse with him and he was no longer to rest. His mother joined him in support, but unfortunately they also experienced fast that they both were terrorized. Eventually Gary with his story came out. He could no longer meet his life and considered there to put a stop to it. The fear had mother and son to address fully.

Out of desperation asked Gary the Church for help, but these could offer him nothing. He wanted exorcism in his house be applied. The Church advised him to pray to God. The Church believed Gary not ordinary mental and thought he had problems. Later tried a White Witch to purify his house yet. Unfortunately he was also attacked. He knew to tell him that they were dealing with demons here.

Demons are negative energy forms which fear life and energy slurping. They allow people to deliver the greatest despair or even a psychosis. This is one of the most intelligent energy forms that may exist. Demons are mostly by specialised mediums (also called exorcists called) contested.

Sadly all attempts to no avail to Gary a so-called exorcist met. This told Gary that they could help. So were the demons from Gary, from his mother and also from home driven. After a 9 month long treatment by the exorcist Gary and his mother slowly got faith in life. But their life is still not in place. They are still afraid of the supernatural. Have respect for!

After talking with Gary I came to some conclusions. He must respect for the supernatural and also a positive approach in life. His self-image is sometimes negative. He can disconnect from this to have a positive influence on his life. Structure, view and self-image forms the psychic power. Dispose of anything in your life occurring, to give it a place. There also make time and space for. Give it negative no chance by itself to continue pulling the strings. Voodoo is a mind power and can not hit you if you don't allow. Think positive, that makes your life easier! You're the Director of your life! in your Facebook News feed?


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