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Esther Buijs: Connection with .....Yourself!

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In this time of growth and changes, there are many people looking for other types of connection.A deeper connection? Connect from love, a beautiful friendship, family ties or kindred spirits may appear to comply with our feeling. Because more is?....Otherwise it can?

Esther Buijs: Connection with .....Yourself!

During the ' others ' we often connect to save an important part about: connecting to yourself! The only unconditional and pure connection which you can make others with loved ones, the connection from your heart. All other forms are based on physical connections. At body connections you have ' things ', keep you more in a form of conditionality. A body must be fed, in one way or another, so therein you depend on each other.

Once you're on the other, deeper form, comes by itself the need at your feast. You're going to think about it, feel you are missing something and goes looking for ' another way '. There is in some ways the need, in order to enter into a newer form of connection with a selected company around you. It can be connected to one or more persons, such as your partner, or an intense friendship. In any case, someone who you trusted and love.

To get the connection with yourself to enter from your heart, is a beautiful, loving, spiritual and pure way to then, in a next step, connect to others.

A harts-connect to yourself is to do very well! Only it is important a number of times a conscious to sit down. ' A number of times ' depends on your state of being. Become aware of what you feel in this exercise. It is obvious the way allocates how "a lot" you best can repeat. Some have months to a conscious and loving harts connection with himself and others shorter.

The exercise;
Make sure you have the time for yourself to undisturbed to go underway. You can also do it just before you go to sleep, then you're already wonderful in your warm bed and you can then sleep well! During the day you might want to sit down. But just what you like.

Watch your breathing, deep, quiet in and out. Become aware of your entire body. From your toes to your Crown. Once you are calm and relaxed, visualize your a bright light around you. A kind of cocoon. Then focus your attention on your heart. Engage a while so, this ensures that the energy flows to your heart. Then you will notice that your heart gets warm or you find a flow of energy on. Once you notice, then release the energy which you feel, ' bigger ' are. In this way, the harts-energy flow throughout your body and then fill your whole Cocoon (aura) which one you have created at the beginning of the visualization.

The harts-energy flows now through your body and your aura. You now have connection with yourself in a different way than before the exercise. A harts-connection! Feel what it does to you. Repeat it regularly, it will be getting easier and more explainable. And feel, when you get around to it are, from this energy conscious to connect to someone else.

By this connection with yourself, you come in harts another energy-frequency. More loving to yourself. What do you think it will do with your environment? Looking from the ' law of attraction ', it may just be that you this way attracts people and things which are also on this frequency. You attract who you are to what. The same frequency!

The special thing is, when you practiced are in making a harts-connection with yourself, then you very easily with a loved one well known in this way makes conscious contact. And then, once you're used to, to make the step to a larger circle around you. What would the world look nice when everyone can make connections with harts-automatically ' anyone? ' So far we are not yet, start with yourself! Make it a habit, regularly the harts connection to yourself.

Good luck! I wish you a solid harts-connection! XX

You have additions or tips for others from own experiences? Review! I read it like. You may always share my stories, if complete, and with my name. Then it remains pure. Thank you so much xx in your Facebook News feed?


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