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A ray of God.. A glimpse of love.. Infinity, and full of desire I ever spoke my coming here on Earth. But now?? Right away.. My memory is erased and am I missing what I do here..and I'm looking for. .. I am experiencing the familiar road & demand for. My feeling is strong.. my hearing getting better. I come to my purpose.. My desire is greater..My shadow disappears my light shines like never before and insert it to fellow human beings. My light, my spark, never lost, grows on.. Born Again! Monique

Who is Gert Brouwer? Gert is a person with the ability the paranormal, psychic and levels of consciousness to make observable and translate it. If I'm first a loving personality that people want to bring clarity. Awareness comes first, by first to respond from your consciousness stick to yourself. So reality comes first.

My name is Ilona Pelders. I share my inner journey stories with love and passion with you. I tell stories from my soul and share various ideas I get. Life is a trip to the real life of life. A journey where I ever like a mountain, but now that I've looked at on watch as the most beautiful journey that a human being can make. The journey that led me to the eternal Sun in existence. The journey to the soul ...

Esther Buijs is Trainer and Coach. And always curious about new possibilities. She is fascinated by different topics; Human behavior, Marketing, entrepreneurship and spirituality. It bridges the gap between thinking, want and do. She makes (beginning) independent entrepreneurs aware of their individual and unique talents, so that they get more out of their company. The life course, training and experience of Esther makes a positive-oriented awareness that it creates, both at the individual coaching as at the group trainings. At Esther, you are in safe hands! After years working with beauty salons, she took an important step in her life. She went on to focus on the inner care.

Grew up in a world of (emotional) blackmail, power and manipulations. Because a barrel full of uncertainties. Never understood how people sometimes stand in life, never with each other of the world understood. Was always very sensitive and very long knew nothing of energy and energy management. Because that they teach you well again just not at school. Put me though after a lot of training and lessons for years for a non-loving society. Give healings ...... and also put me in for thrombosis fellow sufferers. A terribly underrated disease. Am nice and sober and psychedelic hassle I can't do anything with it. Just keep to yourself. ' Be the change you wish to see in the world ' is one of the original pronunciations of Ghandi. I have a lot of respect for people who have the strength and courage to actually find themselves in that change. Stop judging, hold grudges or any other negative thoughts (so also dissatisfaction towards the society) and you then stops here with talk ... with your self to want to hear. Then listen to the silence, that beautiful silence inside.

My name is Heidi Verheul, and thanks to the experiences that have enriched my life and the resulting wisdom, I am now able to lend a helping hand to others through the posts I write. I hope I can also leave a piece of love and wisdom with you. Warmly Greeting, Heidi Verheul

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